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Translation Analysis Of English Modals Wil And Would Into Indonesian In Sidney Sheldons Novel Entitled Are You Afraid OF The Dark?
Jumat, 13 Februari 2009 by Bambang | Skripsi
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This research focused on the analysis of the translation strategies and accuracy of the message of modals will and would translation conveyed by the translator from English into Indonesian. The aims of this study are to describe the translation strategies occuring in the translation and to describe the accuracy level of the message of the translation based on the source language context. This research applied a descriptive qualitative method. To collect the data, purposive sampling technique was applied. The data taken are modals will and would in English including the contexts and their Indonesian translation. In collecting the data, the researcher used a non-interactive method. They were content analysis and questionnaire. In the content analysis, the reseacher collected the data from the original Sidney Sheldon\'s novel entitled Are You Afraid of the Dark? and its Indonesian translation Apakah Kau Takut Gelap? translated by Gita Yuliani Koesbaroto. There were 164 data of 95 contexts of situation taken from both the source and the target language. Meanwhile, to assess the translation quality in terms of accuracy, the research used a close and open-ended questionnaire distributed to the raters. The result of the data analysis shows that there were seven strategies taken by the translator in translating English modals will and would into Indonesian. Most of them were translated into Indonesian modals. The translation strategies used by the translator are English modals will and would translated into Indonesian modals (75 data or 45.7%), deletion strategy or English modals will and would deleted in the target text (42 data or 25.6%), class shifts strategy (12 data or 7.3%), unit shifts strategy (16 data or 9.8%), loss and compensation strategy (2 data or 1.2%), English modals will and would translated into Indonesian modals and addition strategy (2 data or 1.2%), English modals will and would translated into Indonesian modals and structure shifts strategy (15 data or 9.1%). The fact that there are various translation strategies applied is reasonable because of the different use of modality system in English and Indonesian. Dealing with the accuracy of the translation, the results are as follows: translation that is accurate with score mean 3.1-4.0 covers 156 data (95.1%), translation that is not so accurate with score mean 2.1-3.0 consists of 4 data ( 2.4%), and translation that is inaccurate with score mean 1.0-2.0 covers 4 data (2.4%). The mean of all scores given by the raters is 3.8. It means that the translation of English modals will and would into Indonesian in Sidney Sheldon\'s novel Are You Afraid of the Dark? is almost perfect since the mean is close to the highest accuracy scale (4). Therefore, it can be stated that the translator succeeds in translating English modal verbs will and would into Indonesian. The researcher recommended that a translator should apply the right and proper strategies and consider the meaning of the modals when translating English modality into Indonesian. It is intended to produce a quality translation. This research is expected to be able to be used as an additional knowledge and reference for other researchers, lecturers, and students of English Department, especially students of translation study in translating English modality (modals will and would).

Penulis : Evi Dwi Suryani (FSSR NIM.C0302029 Tahun 2007 )

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